Thursday, March 22, 2007

Look at me, I'm learnin' stuff!

So our house is officially for sale now. We've had a few calls and one walkthrough and another one this weekend. It's not that I mind having people come and look at our place butI hate having to make it look immaculate every time. And in order to be able to show it on short notice I need to keep it looking fairly tidy all the time. I never realized how much stuff I leave around on a regular basis. Oh well, maybe it will teach me to be tidier for ever!

The bible study we're doing is really great. It's called, "The discipline of Grace" i'm learniing just how much God loves me. Which I know sounds cliche but is hugely misunderstood in christians lives. I don't think that many people really know how much of a gift salvation really is. That we can't earn it and that we don't deserve it. Anyway, I could go on for a long time about it but I will post my favorite exerpt at the moment.

"When we are acutely conscious of our sin and think that God's wrath must somehow be hanging over us, we need to remember that God devised a way whereby His wrath against sin might be fully executed apart from our experiencing the force of that wrath."

I think that it is so cool that God himself devised a way for us to come to Him. I often thought about Christ being the mediator (which he is) and that he pleaded on our behalf. But never remembered that the father himself wants a relationship with us as well.


QueenHeroical said...

look at you knitting, and learnin' stuff ... and looking great.

I got the book and am looking forward to it. Thank you for the inspiration.

Love ya, Krina

Anonymous said...

It's cool to have you and hubby along with us on this journey of discovering God, grace, and His incredible love.

Oh, and once again, awesome chicken Ceaser salad. Thanks!

Moyna said...

You write very well.