Thursday, January 25, 2007

Graceful as a Gazzel

I went to dance class again last night. It went way better. I still messed up but not nearly as many times as I got it right. What a relief. Kind of. I actually wont be going to any more classes because.....I tore a ligament in my ankle showing Cory my moves when I got home. How embarassing. It was perfect, I got the sequence right until the leap at the end, and whammo, I landed with all my weight on a twisted ankle. My ankle doesn't even look like there is anything wrong with it but that is how it always is with me. So, I'm on crutches for the next ten days. Not fun. My mom was kind enough to come over today (and will be coming again tomorrow) because I can't lift Hannah out of bed or carry her around. Then it's the weekend so Cory will be home. Hopefully it will be a little better by Monday.


Lowell said...

Yikes! That's what happens to us as we get old (no, wait, that's me, not you).

Carolyn said...

Oh NO!!! Lisa, I have to be honest though...Sara broke the news to be last night. I laughed at first because I thought she was joking, but then I realized...she wasn't. I'm sorry, but I'm sure we'll laugh about it together...later...right? Anyways if you need anything, I'm home most of the time and I don't charge for diapers.

QueenHeroical said...

Oh ... no ... so sad! But I bet Cory loved all your moves up to that point. -- Krina

Frass said...

Rats! That durned Ulmer trick ankle hey?

What's with this clan and dance-related injuries? First Emma, then you ... and they say trouble comes in threes. Yikes!

I imagine the baby carrier/sling is coming in handy.