Monday, January 22, 2007

Info please

I know there are more options one blogger that I'm not utilizing. I have seen lists of books that people have, but not just their names but images. If anyone can enlighten me that would be great because I've exhausted my minimal knowledge.

Don't you hate it when there's nothing on t.v.?


QueenHeroical said...

Hi, 'tis me, I just thought I would send the link for you.

I am looking forward to perusing your list.

Books books books
I love books
books books books
I love books

(I wonder where she got her love of books from ... it is a mystery)

Frass said...

Love pic of Hannah with the remote!

Re. the books: Wow, I didn't know about librarything. I did it the hard way. Joined's associate program, got the html for each book and manually put them into my blog.

I'm definitely going the check out the other method. It looks a lot easier.

Lisa said...

Thanks, as you can see it worked. And it was easy!

Cindy (Jessica's Mom) said...

Very cute baby (nice quilt too!) Jess sent me here. Be careful with your ankle - I sprained mine several years ago and didn't look after it - you know, if you can walk on it,then it must be okay. I'm paying for it now.