Saturday, February 3, 2007

I am... (as well)

I am the dark haired baby born in the wheat sea that is Saskatchewan, to parents who love God and each other more than their children. I am the child who has always found comfort in that.

I am the baby who rarely cried and fit well into the fourth child slot.

I am the child who played Locomotion, Life and cribbage by herself when no one else was around to play. Who loved her stuffed animals to the point of humanizing them. Who stored up every belonging as a treasure, not to be played with but to look at and arrange. Who dreamed of nothing else but to be a wife and mother and never thought she would have so much trouble accomplishing the second.

I am the teenager who was a late bloomer who wore outrageous polyester dress shirts from Value Village and loved to portray her personality through weird outfits and hated lying to her paernts all the time. I am the teenager who finally got "found out" when she returned from a weekend motor bike roadtrip with a guy they didn't know but eventually loved as well.

I am the woman who married the motor bike man (who happens to be the only man I'll ever love) while wearing a polyester wedding dress. I am the woman whose greatest loves are God, her husband, daughter and family.

I am the mother who loves that I finally "recieved favour from the Lord" And would go crazy if she wasn't in my life. Whose moments of perfect bliss come when all my greatest loves get together. (There are so many of us now!)

I am the esthetician/mother who loves to make people feel good about themselves and doesn't like it when they don't realize their own beauty.

I am the woman who listens a lot, laughs a ton and sings incesently. I am the person who wants to help those who are hurting and then doesn't for fear of rejection.

I am the woman who still loves stuffed animals and board games but I no longer have to play them alone. Who still longs to learn to let go when she paints and draws.

I am the person who dreams of growing old with my love, of Christmas' with grandchildren and is grateful for the proximity of loved ones. I am the person who hopes that her daughter's life will be filled with as much joy, love and laughter as her own has been.
This posting idea is from Mary at it is a contest that gives you a template to work with. It's pretty interesting. My sister-in-law did one as well


QueenHeroical said...

I feel so lucky to know most of this about you and I still enjoy reading it anyway because you are such a great sister (even in-law). Love you!! --Krina

owlhaven said...

This was awesome! I'm so glad you shared it!


Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

Your parents loved God and themselves more than their kids.???
Sorry but thats just strange.Loving God yes,but I constantly hear about the putting kids last bit.I just dont see how being selfish like that is biblical.Men can fend for themselves,thats why they leave mommy,at least theyre supposed to.Kids need their parents all the time.I just dont see where christians get that.

Anonymous said...

I mean really ,the parents who have the "I dont owe my kids anything" attitude are usually the parents who sit in old folks homes alone ,meanwhile their kids sit in therapy and take pills.God comes first then my kids,then my adult husband.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

First, thanks for your comments. That's the whole point of blogging right? To connect with others and share your opinions?
Now just to maybe clarify a bit: I was raised by parents who LOVED eachother more than their kids, I didn't mean that my mom took care of my dad and neglected us. I was referring to the feeling of security I had as a child who knew that no matter what, her parents would be together.
I don't really see it being a christian vs. non situation. I guess that to me, the order just makes sense that the one I choose to live the rest of my life with would be in the "second" love spot. If I wanted my kids to be there then I suppose I would have not gotten married and adopted or got invitro instead. Feel free to post again!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your kind reply. No I wasnt implying that you were being neglected.I dont have parents and what I did have put me last in everything.It has been predominantly the christian community who has said to put ones kids last and I just dont see where they get that,they say its biblical but I havent seen anything to back that up. An older lady friend of mine recently said the same thing,but her kids rarely if ever visit her.I have a hard time comprehending loving my husband more than my kids.Its a different love I guess.Thankyou.

Carol said...

Well done!

Great photo, too!