Sunday, April 8, 2007

So cute

What can I say. We love our girl. Everyday she seems to have learned something different. Thankfully she is pretty much out of the high pitched scream at the top of my lungs for fun stage. But everything else id really fun to watch.

It looks as though we have sold our house. We have a meeting with the lawyer on Wednesday to go over the paperwork before we sign and there are a few subjects to be removed but overall it has been a pretty easy process. If all goes as planned we will be out of here by May 1st. I know that seems quick but in my opinion, the quicker the better. As soon as the house isn't really ours anymore then i'm sure little things will start needing repair....or heaven forbid something major happen. Not that I think anything will or want anything to go wrong for the guy that buys it, I just want to avoid the situation as much as possible. Anyway, i've started doing a few cool new things but i'll have to leave you all in suspense (all three of you) i've got to get ready for the Easter service.


Carolyn said...

Yay for selling your house!!! That's almost as exciting as buying another one! Have you been looking? Are there any potential front runners?

I missed seeing Hannah in her Sunday dress :( I should have known everyone would have gone to the late service to see the baptisms. Oh well, I'm sure you'll post more pictures!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on selling! It must be a nice feeling... now you get to do your own house hunt! (Come to the flats -please :)

("all 3 of you" hee hee)
But my interest is piqued!

Frass said...

She is soooo very cute...and I know I'm biased, but STILL!

So today was the big day, did the legal stuff go through?

Please let all three of us know what's up soon 'kay?

--yer sis