Thursday, April 12, 2007

My new things

I eluded to a few new things that i'm doing in my last post so I had better tell what they are. I suppose one isn't entirely new to me but I haven't done it in a while. I guess i'll start with that one. I went to my brother and sister(inlaws) house and made a ukrainian easter egg. It is a really fun process where you use bees wax over different colors of dye to get the desired effect. I have done them in previous years but this one is the first I actually like ( isn't that right Krina! Hee hee)

I've also started to make ATC's (art trading cards) It is a really neat concept where people all over the world create art in their medium in the form of a trading card and then trade them with other people. I'm just sending out my first four and will be getting mine in the mail by the end of the month. One of the people i'm trading with likes Mexican art so I tried my hand at some. Hopefully she'll like them!

The last thing i'm doing is another type of swap where I had to write about a day in my life. Just an ordinary day and what I did and then I have to send it to three people and three others send theirs to me. my sound lame to some but i'm excited. So here is what I wrote:

24 Hours in the Life of Me

This morning started out the same way as every other weekday morning. With me hastily turning off the annoying alarm clock that signifies that my poor husband has to get out of the warm bed and get ready for work. At least, that is what he says happens. Everyday I turn off the alarm but don’t remember doing so. It’s weird, I can wake up to my daughter making the tiniest squeak in her room but not remember turning off an alarm.
Slowly the haze lifts and I get up and put on C’s housecoat (he lets me use it on weekdays) and join him for breakfast. I never used to like breakfast but ever since I was pregnant I’ve got into the habit. This morning I ate a new kind of cereal called, "GoLean Crunch." It has seven whole grains with no sugar added but tastes great. We are trying to make healthier food choices and finding a lot of great recipes etc.
Our kitchen has three nice big windows and the morning sun was gorgeous. It looks like winter is finally over. Our winters are fairly mild but cloudy so when spring comes with it’s sunshine I just feel healthier.
I faintly heard our five month old daughter’s morning wake-up sounds in between the loud cereal crunch in my head and C and I raced to go see her first. This may sound odd but we had to wait to have a child for almost five years and are blessed with a girl whose temperament is as bright and happy as the afore mentioned sunshine. She greeted us (her dad first, as he beat me down the hall) with her beautiful smile. After a quick diaper change we settled on to the couch for her breakfast and to listen to C read from his bible. Then I watched as they played together the same game that happens almost every morning. Dad bouncing and singing to make her laugh and her ending up laughing and puking on him from the jostling after an all liquid diet. Then it’s off to work for him and back to bed for us.
I have always been a big sleeper and so far I have been lucky to still be able to get enough even with a new baby.
Today is a little different because we are in the process of selling our house and have to meet with a lawyer this morning. So I phoned my mom at nine and asked her if she could watch H while we met with the lawyer. Thankfully she was able to on such short notice and so we got ready and drove over to Grandma’s house in our "boxy but good" Volvo. We had a cute two door sports car until we had H but obviously had to get a more family car and Volvo’s are safe. (Ugly in my opinion, but safe) So we got to visit with grandma for about half an hour before I had to go get C from work and get to our meeting. Can I mention again how beautiful of a day it was? Maybe I had cabin fever and didn’t realize it. Walking down the street I got one of my favorite spring feelings of being a little chilly but the sun warming my bare arms.
We got to meet with the lawyer almost right away and he went over the contract, made a few changes and gave us some advice on what to do next. Pretty straight forward but pretty expensive! Oh well, if you need someone to do a job then I guess they can dictate the price.
We then went and picked up H who was just waking up from a nap and headed home with a quick stop at Mc Donalds for me. C didn’t even make fun of me this time (he hates the food there) but just gave in to my craving. So much for healthy food choices!
I then spent the rest of the afternoon checking email, looking for new swaps on swapbot, reading friend’s blogs and writing up notes for this letter.
Another reason I love spring is how much lighter it is in the evening. So when C got home from work it was light enough and warm enough to eat outside.
Dinner was easy as I have started to plan ahead for meals when I go grocery shopping. I find it a lot easier than looking through a cookbook hoping I have all the necessary ingredients. Tonight was oven fried chicken strips and spicy yam fries. Yum!!
This is the one night a week when C and I go our separate ways for our extra curricular activities. He has choir and I have dance. Every week C’s mom comes and babysits H even though she is sleeping when she gets here. So generous of her.
I picked up one of my friends who takes dance with me and headed down town to the studio. The class is great as it’s all my friends and is taught by my sister-in-law. It’s a mixture of jazz and hip hop and I take it mostly for the exercise. Meaning, I don’t really seem to be a natural dancer! This was obvious the night that I tore a tendon in my ankle showing C my moves! Oh well, it’s fun. Tonight I started dance with a headache but all the stretching and laughing helped to make it go away. We’re finally coming together in some of our routines so it looks pretty cool.
Once C and I got home we were going to play a game of "Settler’s of Catan" before bed but both of us realized how tired we were. We used to be night owls but lately nine thirty is getting late for us. So off to bed with maybe a little reading to unwind.

Doing this swap has really made me realize that there really is interesting things that happen throughout an ordinary day and I can’t wait to receive the ones from others in the mail! Yay for snail mail!

Oh, and what's a post without a new picture of Hannah?


Anonymous said...

OK. Now that's just too cute a picture of Hannah.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who now thinks that 9:30pm is almost bed time. Welcome to the world of parenthood.
I am really enjoying reading about this part of your guys' lives. Thanks for sharing, oh and pictures of Hannah are a great added bonus.
Love you guys,

QueenHeroical said...

The Egg, the egg, the egg is ...
superbly wonderfully great!

The cards look fabulous- talented lady that you are -- I have boxes and boxes of trivia pursuit cards if you like, just in case you need more - lots more card material. I'm here to support your habit:)

I love the "Day in the life of" it makes me grin because it is so full of Cory & Lisa lovin' Hannah and life stuff -

But the picture -- that - those are some great smilie faces. Beautiful.


Jessica said...

Glad to see you're having swapping-fun! I realized with the ATC thing that one should, you know, actually be able to create art, and I'm just not sure mine are up to scratch. I know that art can be what you make it, but I don't feel happy enough with the stuff to send it out to other people who would send our pretty stuff. So I'm sticking to other things - like postcards! I got 4 in the mail this week :)

Like how they're both wearing hoods. Too cute!