Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just started a cake decorating course this last Wednesday. I was a little disappointed because we didn't get to do any hands on stuff yet and I had to buy a bunch of extra stuff on top of what the starter kit would have had. Long story short, I'm only gonna take course 1 and learn the rest on my own. Well, I came home from the class itching to do some decorating. I have never really done any before but I hard can it be? I whipped up some icing and started practicing. Oh man did my hand hurt! So at least I know now before next class that I need to buy one of those hand workout machines! We have to bring an iced cake to decorate for next class and I have never really done that either. So I wanted to practice but I didn't want to do just a boring cake but as I said my hand wasn't up to doing major decorating. is my thanksgiving cake!

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Carolyn said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I feel really bad that I couldn't be there :( Did you use extra butter flavor for your butterball chicken cake? That sounded weird. What was the stuffing? More cake? It lookes like sugar cubes at first. How did you make it round? Was everyone impressed??? I AM!! I wonder what your colour combo was to get that golden skin look. Well done Lisa!!!