Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deflated balloon

Our cake decorating class got cancelled last week so last night was our second class. I was excited to learn some great new techniques but was fairly disappointed. I did pick up a few good tips about how to hold the bag without killing your hand and how to really smooth out your icing. But as far as actually doing any decorating it was a big thumbs down from me. We learned how to work with gel paste and how to make stars but instead of everyone making up 5 different colors of gel for the balloons (which does make sense) we had to each make up a color and share them. So for some reason I was the last to get any of the colors so I had to really work to get anything out of the bags and then smear it around to make it fill the balloon. By the time I was done this everyone else was finishing up doing their star borders. So there I was trying to get my border done when everyone else was cleaning up and packing out. I don't like feeling rushed. I mean, I guess I didn't have to have it finished by the time I left but... oh well. Anyway, When I got home I used up the rest of the icing in my bag and practiced a squiggly border and filled the top with stars. Well, not filled because I ran out of icing. Oh yeah, btw and fyi for those people like me who have never worked with shorteneing, Tenderflake and Crisco are not the same thing. Carolyn was telling me the story of how she almost used animal fat shortening to make her icing which made me realize that I just did! As if icing isn't bad enough for you already! EEEWWW!

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Carolyn said...

I thought you didn't like icing!! Your cake is COVERED in it! I enjoy your icon thinger. A)You're cramming your face with cake and B)It looks like you took your suspenders off so you'd have more room in the tummy for cake! You're so classy Lardy Lisa ;) But seriously, she should slow down on that cake. If I was eating mine that fast I'd have a 3 lb baby!!!!!!!!!!