Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Grand Finale

So my cake decorating course is over and it wasn't what I imagined it would be but I guess that's ok. I did pick up a few tips and am pretty excited about making cakes in general. Just not the way we were taught. I'm pretty happy with how my final cake turned out. I didn't want to do it exactly like how she was showing us so I didn't get to practice some of the stuff she taught but that's ok because my sweetpeas looked like lumps.

Hannah's first (yikes!) birthday is in a few days, and since before she was born I had planned on making a baby block cake for her first party. But now that i've worked with icing I don't want to fumble around with crumbs. And there will probably be lots because i'm making carrot cake. Also I now realize that buttercream icing is really sweet and probably wouldn't go with carrot cake very well. What's the point of having cake if it doesn't taste good? So I have come up with a new idea....but i'm not gonna tell until I make it and post a picture. That will keep everyone on the edge of their seats i'm sure!


Carolyn said...

I wonder what you'll do (winky face). Your cake was by FAR the prettiest. By FAR! For some reason my icing was easier to work with this time but it doesn't taste as good. As you said, taste is very important. So any thoughts for what we can do since cake night is over?

Carolyn said...

Oh, can I have my own block if I'm invited? Wait, is this a block party or a birthday party?

Anonymous said...

I like it!! Very pretty! Waiting for updates on new compositions!