Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boulton Creek

We were able to finally go camping with our new tent trailer (Our May long attempt is blocked from memory) We met my parents at a beautiful place in Kananaskis country called Boulton Creek. I spent hours trying to decide where to go but had a lot of trouble finding specifics about the campgrounds in Alberta. So it was a bit of a risk but was well worth it in the end and I had decided that I would do a bit of a write up about it so that maybe other people who are googling might have a bit more luck than I did!
Boulton Creek is a well treed campground that has around 100 sites. It has some sites with electrical hookups but I found that they weren't as private as the others. Probably has something to do with larger RV's needing them? We filled our water tank for free with water that they said was good. We used it for cooking and washing but not drinking. We didn't want to chance it. They have a VERY clean shower facility that had plenty of hot water every time I went, the only bummer is having to pay a toonie each time. The up side though was that I turned off the water each time as well because they gave alot of time. The campground also has a store and restaurant which we did buy icecream at one day. The pit toilets stank a little but really, what can you expect when you're hovering over a tank know. Well, enough babble, here's a bunch of pictures.


Staci said...

Looks awesome! Makes me wish we were there. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Good to see you were able to have a campfire. How did sleep go for you all?

Jessica said...

Love the bath idea! I may use that one day. :)

Dawn & Stew said...

Finally an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the pictures!