Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad then good, then better, then worse, then ok

So since that guy backed out of buying our haouse after we had packed a lot of it up we decided to list with our realtor friend. So he came over and assesed that according to what the other trailers in our park have been selling for that he was gonna list it for 184,900. Yikes! I remember when I put out our homemade sign that I was embarrassed to put 174,900 on it. The market is definately crazy. So that is cool that we will potentially get more for it but then we had to get our house in tip top shape again. So we spent yesterday moving the boxes to Cory's parents house and cleaning up. We had also planned on putting outdoor carpeting on the deck but no place had it in until yesterday. So we thought that it had better be done. But first we had to replace a piece of rotten trim that was right beside the deck. Easy peasy. Ooops, did we forget that EVERY single upgrade we have done to this house has been way bigger and more expensive and time consuming than we thought? Yes, we must have. When Cory tried to attach the new board he realized that the wood behind the siding is rotted too. We have no idea how bad it is or how much is rotted but no matter what it doesn't look good. So we phoned our realtor and told him to postpone listing our place until it's fixed. We have another friend who used to do siding coming over to assess it but we're thinking we will probably have to re side the whole thing and replace the wood that the siding goes into. Oh well, good thing the price we will eventually get will make up for the money we have to spend. It will look nice with new siding bad we wont really live in it when it's done!

On a different note I have become a member of an online community called facebook. And I have caught up with so many friends that i've lost track of over the years including my best friend Molly from elementary school! It's neat.

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Carolyn said...

Home renos are always more will always be worth it though :) I'd lend you Mark to help but the honey-do list is a little long with landscaping stuff.

See you at dance tomorrow :)