Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thumbs down to that guy

What a roller coaster ride. Our house isn't sold. At the last minute (litterally the last minute) the buyers financing fell through. So all the packing i've been doing is for nothing. There is no way i'm unpacking boxes until we move to a new home so we will just have to live on bare necessities. But it makes showing the house more difficult.I know people aren't buying our stuff but it's harder to see the house past all the boxes. Oh well. One nice thing is that about ten minutes after hearing about this we had more people knock on the door wanting to look at it. Again very messy but oh well. Also the housing market is so crazy that even trying to go look at a place is hard. You see something interesting, try setting up an appointment and whamo it's already sold. Crazy. So because we're already mostly packed if something doesn't happen fast we'll probably get our realtor friend to sell it. He thought we should have been listing it higher anyway. So because I like to share pictures, here are some of our half packed house, Hannah and a bit of a picture i painted for Cory's mom. (It's Cory and his brother when they were young)

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Frass said...

Well that bites! (Re. the house) No kidding on the rollercoaster ride!

The picture is amazing! How come everyone else in the family is so talented at drawing except for me?